We can help

BIZELIX is a brand new concept - a one-stop shop for all the services you need to turn your ideas into reality.

Knowing the best way to get started can seem like a huge barrier, but from the simplest party invitation to the most complex marketing campaign...

BIZELIX can help you with...

printing, binding, publishing, typing, admin, office setup, business ideas analysis, IP registration, product development, image design, graphics, branding, domain registration, hosting, website development, selling online, business optimisation, expansion & marketing.

Turn your IDEAS into reality

You may have lots of IDEAS for a new venture or ways of improving your existing business but turning these into reality seems like a daunting step.

That's where BIZELIX can help.

Whether you are an individual who wants to publish their own book or a business looking to expand, BIZELIX can simply discuss your IDEAS or provide business analysis skills to help you get started on a real venture.

Understanding the DNA of your business

The strength of a business comes from how well you understand its BLUEPRINT.

If the BLUEPRINT is well defined it is much easier to determine whether any new ventures, changes or expansions are viable. By providing business analysis skills, BIZELIX can help you produce your business BLUEPRINT, the DNA of your business.

Using your blueprint to grow your business...

BIZELIX can help you DEVELOP your business by using your blueprint to gain a thorough understanding of your markets and processes.

We will employ this information to help with market research & analysis, branding, product development, process development and improvement.

Getting your ideas out there

It is great to have ideas, stories to tell, plans for an event, products or a business, but if nobody ever hears about them, nothing will happen. Simply knowing the best way to COMMUNICATE them can seem like a huge barrier to getting them done.

That's where BIZELIX can help.

By designing invitations, leaflets, branding & layouts. By producing proposals, reports & presentations. By developing web sites & online sales, providing domain registration, hosting, maintenance, secure online payment and improving visitor stats.

Your virtual assistants and office staff

Trying to organise a family event, start up a new venture or expand your current business? Are you particularly busy & just need some SUPPORT to get things done?

Call in BIZELIX Business Pixies, aka virtual assistants and office staff, who can turn their hands to anything. As soon as the job is done they disappear again, so you only pay for the time you use.

BIZELIX Business Pixies can produce & print stationery, documents & books, file, transcribe, type, provide market research & analysis, intellectual property administration & software set-up SUPPORT.